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character meme by Cosmic-doodle

I personally love your classic-cartoon drawing style, that style makes me remember my childhood. I like the characters that you drew too, all the characters are very well drawed, and some of them look very funny, like rayman's and homer's drawing, but in my opinion your drawinds need a little bit more of impact, but your drawings are very cool and original, but, again, they need more impact in my opinion. The vision for me needs to be improved too, but, again, this is my opinion. Hope you keep drawing like this and be as original as you are now.
PD: Sorry if i have mistakes, i'm mexican and i'm working in my english.
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Cosmic-doodle Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for taking the time to write this~ :)

I've been wanting to remake this for some time now - I agree that its quite bland. Drawing in such small small squares was hard back then, however I know now how to resize to fit in there without loosing any line quality.

So when the time does come for a remake, I'll keep this in mind as I draw. :eager:
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